IT Solution Education


Duration- 3monts

Course Fees-Rs.4000/-

Computer Basic

Introduction to Hardware

System Software (DOS, WINDOWS, LINUX)

PC Software (Microsoft Office etc.)

An overview of Computer Virus

Concepts of Network and Internet


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Duration- 3monts

Course Fees-Rs.5000/-

Computer Basic

Basic Dos Commands & Windows

Microsoft Office- Word, Excel, Power Point

Page maker, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop


Duration-3 months,

Course Fees-Rs.5000/-

Accountancy, Debit, Credit, Ledger, Journal, Working with Tally Screen

Stock Management, Cost Centre.

Internet & Networking

Duration-3 months,

Course Fees-Rs.6000/-

Internet, E-mailing, Networking & HTML Website Designing etc.

Office Automation

Duration -6 months

Course Fees-Rs.7000/-

Basic of Computer Application

Microsoft Office- Word, Excel, Power Point

E-mail & Internet

MS Access

Leap Office

Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Tally 9.0

Front Page etc.


Duration – 12months

Course Fees-Rs.11000/-

Computer Fundamental

Introduction to Information Technology

System Software (DOS, WINDOWS, LINUX)

PC Software (Microsoft Office etc.)

Database Management System (MS Access & MySql)

Concept of Network and Internet

Web page Designing with HTML


Programming & Problem Solving Through C

Programming in Visual Basic

Assignment & Project


Duration –  6 months

Course Fees-Rs.8000/-

Computer Hardware

Basic Electronics

IDE, SCSI, USB, I/O Devices, CPU Operation

PC Assembling, BIOS, CMOS, Booting, DOS, OS Installation

Virus & Antivirus, Troubleshooting, Project etc.